Thursday, May 29, 2008

Showing Dogs Always a Pet First

I admit I love to show my dogs and have shown some of the finest Havanese around. But my dogs are definitely pets first and show dogs second. Even my Westminster multiple BIS dual Champion Yup's Cohiba Esplendido has always been a pet first and foremost. See more of Coby at

Some show dogs live in crates, kennels and wire flooring for all their show lives - mine let me live with them, they are in my kitchen, living room, bedroom, backyard, car and even pool. Sure they get dirty I just wash them a lot.

Show dogs get bathed and groomed at least twice a week, the white ones and the males more like three times a week. By the time they are shown in the ring at around 6 months they are so use to bathing and grooming they make it pretty effortless.
I just love the Havanese long silky clean coat, you can bury your hands and face right in it. It's a lovely feeling, soft cuddly coat. A clean long coat is a beautiful thing.
So if you think you want to try showing some important things to remember;
  • You will groom A LOT
  • You will train A LOT
  • You will never have another free weekend to yourself
  • You will travel a lot
  • You will have a great bonding experience with your dog - my dogs love shows they sleep in my bed and have my one on one attention for the whole weekend
  • You will work hard - shows are a lot of work and very exhausting
  • You will meet some great doggie people
  • You will love some judges and detest some others
  • You will be ticked off about the politics but be thrilled when you win
  • You will spend money - more than anyone should spend on their dog :)
  • You will get up at 5:00 am to groom your dog, you will get home at 1:00 am on Sunday
  • You will worry worry worry about how to potty your dog in the rain, snow and sleet and keep his coat ready for the ring
  • You will worry worry worry if your dog does not potty before ringtime in case he/she does it in the ring
  • You will be embarrassed sometimes and make lots of mistakes initially
  • You will learn a tremendous amount about your breed, what they should look like, what temperament they should have, what the judges are trained to see in your breed, what a good Havanese is and what a bad Havanese is
  • You will get way more opinions than you asked for or want on your dogs
  • You will get so much information for other show people and breeders that you actually didn't know and need to know - information on shots, health, testing, temperaments, confirmation, products etc. etc.
  • You will become addicted and end up with 10 dogs living in your house just like me - and we would not want it any other way.
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